I promise I won’t make this the cliché New Year’s post, but it will contain some soppiness, and maybe some things that may be percieved as bragging, so if you’re not into that… (x)

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So. 2014. First of all, I have no concept of time at all, and I don’t even realize that Christmas has come and gone, so it’ll take a while before I realize that it’s actually 2015.

What I do know, though, is that 2014 was (right use of my tenses – good sign) insane. Incredible. Out of this world. Out of my world.

I experienced so many unbelievable things for the first time. No year in my life has been this exciting. I went to my first full festival, saw tons of my favorite artists preform live, turned 18, drove a car for the first time, had my wisdom teeth removed, traveled far and wide, graduated high school… and… I came to Finland. And from that point it’s all been a rollercoaster. Nothing better could’ve ever happened to me. I needed this. I would’ve been a different person without, my life would’ve been the exact opposite of what it is now and what it ever will be. (Not that I know what that means exactly, of course. And I won’t say I don’t like that.)

I discovered so many things, about this world, about people, about life, and myself. I’ve grown, evolved, developed ideas, changed.

Here’s to 2015, which is guaranteed to be even better than 2014. May I keep my New Year’s resolutions and thus honestly just be happy.

And here’s to everyone that has meant a ton to me this year, you know who you are. The people that I met that had an incredible influence on me, the people that I laughed with hours on end, with whom I shared (first) experiences, with whom I could talk whenever, on whom I  could count, that took care of me, supported me… I love you.



Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.10.46Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.41.48photo 2Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.40.13Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.42.42Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.40.41Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.57.26Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.03.24Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.05.41Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.43.15Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.45.26Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.50.25Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.52.31Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.01.51Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.05.03Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.53.05Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.08.17Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.10.46Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.08.55Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.59.50Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.02.53Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.44.07Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.43.17Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.42.55Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.42.30Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.35.37Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.33.01Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.43.54Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.34.38Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.33.40Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.33.25Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.32.10Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.31.49Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.30.50Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.29.37Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.29.23Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.26.44Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.26.23Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.25.59Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.25.21Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.24.52Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.24.17Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.30.14Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.50.52Screenshot 2015-01-02 19.42.23Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.23.50Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.23.33Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.22.42Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.22.22Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.21.55Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.19.12Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.18.46Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.18.16Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.17.23Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.16.38Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.16.13Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.15.57Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.15.17Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.13.14Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.11.12Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.10.21Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.09.15Screenshot 2015-01-02 20.37.09



5 thoughts on “BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE…?

  1. Hey, Ella! Hier ben ik het, de échte Babette. Want mama is altijd zò onnozel op mijn profiel. Ma bon, goed artikel, dat wél!
    Haha dit deel:
    What I do know, though, is that 2014 was insane. Incredible. Out of this world. Out of my world. I experienced so many unbelievable things for the first time. No year in my life has been this exciting: I had my wisdom teeth removed.

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