Belgium is a tiny country. You can drive across the country in (much) less than a day and see all kinds of sceneries. We have higher hills in the south, called the Ardennes, but you can also find the flattest bit of land in the north, close to the Netherlands, and of course the 67 kilometers of coast that we have in the west. Vacationers and locals do all sorts of activities, like (wind)surfing, kiting, swimming, sailing, building sandcastles, letting that body bronze, eating the classic North Sea dishes/snacks: mussels, shrimp (croquette or salad) just to name a few, the last being my favorite… 😉

Even though there are far more impressive beaches and coastlines than this one, it still has a lot of character and sometimes there’s beauty to be found in simple things.

DSC06199 DSC06201 DSC06213 DSC06225 DSC06229 DSC06231




One thought on “THE COAST

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